Permit Information

Lumin-Art Signs’ staff is here to help you with the permit process, we can for a nominal fee complete and submit all documents needed to facilitate the permitting process for you.

If by chance you wish to submit your own permits, below is a few helpfull hints on what is basically* needed to submit a permit for your signage.

NOTE: One very important factor in the permit process is, that on average it can take from 4 – 6 weeks from submission of a permit before the permit will be approved.

The following documentation MUST BE SUBMITTED when applying for a sign permit*:

Completed Permit Application
Parcel Number & Legal Description of Property
Receipt of Permit Fee
Copy of Lumin-Art Signs, Inc. State Contractors State License (we will give you a copy)
City Business License.

Site Plan (number of copies varies, but usually 3 copies)

Scale Plans to Most Appropriate Engineering Scale, i.e. 1” = 10’, 1” = 20’ etc.
Property Lines, Buildings, Adjacent Streets.
Location of all Structures on Property.
Location, Type, Size, and Height of All Existing Signs on Property.
Location of Proposed Sign Including Distance From Property Lines.

Wall Mounted Signs

Cut Section Showing Mounting Details
Weight of Sign
Type of Materials, (size, grade, species, etc.)
Square Footage of Building Facade (Height x Width).
Dimensions of Signs
Colored renderings of Sign Elevations (number of copies varies, but usually 3 copies)

Free Standing Signs (e.g. pole signs & monument type signs)

Dimensions of Signs
Depth and Width of Footing
Type of Ground Surface (Concrete, Asphalt, etc.)
Construction Materials (size, grade, species, etc.)
Cut Section Detail of Signs and Connections
Colored renderings of Sign Elevations (number of copies varies, but usually 3 copies)

* All cities, and counties use different criteria in the submittal of sign permits, refer to the criteria for the location you are submitting a sign permit for.